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"new" to botting

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hello guys,

I've recently started playing runescape again and wish to bot my account a bit again.

Now i know that the banrate has been quite high over the passes years.

I date back from the time that i could just setup 20 bots, bot for 24 hours and dont have to worry about it lol.

Nowadays it seems to be a little more tricky...


I have to get proxies, a mirror client,....

Can someone explain me how to use proxies?

I'm planning on buying VIP here for the mirror client + buying a premium script.

Kind regards

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If you want one good botted account, I'd recommend you play legit on it for a week or so. Get some combat stats, quests, skills, everything.

Then buy VIP and buy a premium script, and play on the mirror client, no need for proxies. If you want to make sure it doesn't get banned, bot  a humane amount of time and don't bot in the overbotted places (Lumbridge cow pen, Draynor fish and willows, varrock mines). Also getting member would help a bit in not getting banned.


If you just want RSGP, either for sale or for use on your own account, you should buy a proxy. I just read this guide. It might help you out.


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As the guy above me said, the mirror client does not support proxy ATM. However, this may/will be changed asap.


Furthermore, a proxy server is any computer system offering a service that acts as an intermediary between the two communicating parties, the client and the server. In the presence of a proxy server, there is no direct communication between the client and the server. Instead, the client connects to the proxy server and sends requests for resources such as a document, web page or a file that resides on a remote server.


There also is different type of proxy servers and their uses, accordingly.



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