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Zerker/rune pure questions

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I have had pretty much every kind of account besides a zerker, that and a rune pure. Im wondering if i should make a zerker. I don't really know the difference besides the berserker helmet, that and 42 defense, and 46 defense. either way i want to have vengeance on it. Im thinking either way it's going to be a 43 prayer and 60 attack build with high str/range. 


What are the perks/disadvantages of a zerker/rune pure. Someone who knows a lot about them do a compare and contrast thing XD, i know nothing about them either than boaty is a zerker :)

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Zerker pures are the most fun IMO, BUT you have to be dedicated. To make a full zerk pure you need to get your b gloves/veng/defenders/torsos/f cape, all this shit takes a long time. 


A lot of these items are easy and some items like.. B gloves, will take a normal player months. 175 QP I think, a stupid amount of skills.. 

Be prepared to work and grind skills/quests

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