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Dispute against Jamez refusing to refund

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Disputed member: Jamez


Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/62750-pjamez-07-services-thread-questsvoidpowerleveling/#entry692669 (thread now closed)


Explanation: Basically, I brought the service, when i logged on the account was locked. I tried to recover account, but jagex hate me and said no. I contacted him saying that and he said he didn't have access to a computer, I then contacted him again today and he is refusing to pay me, since he said it was against his Toc's which is incorrect as he said before he would refund... he is saying that because it was like a month since he took the order he isn't going to refund. Yet this is completely irrelevant because he hasn't completed the order and took my money. Order was for 9.5m oldschool rs 07 gold


Evidence: Proof of purchase is on his thread, and proof of refunded required is below. 




















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spoken to jamez over skype he said he is going to issue a refund but ill have to wait a week for him to get the gold will post updates


As both of you have agreed a time frame of 10 days for a refund we will wait for confirmation of payment. Until then @Jamez will remain in the TWC usergroup. Please both post picture confirmation of the refund when it is complete. Thanks both for your co-operation.

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