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Why do people do this?


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I don't wanna come off sounding like a homo or anything but it just sparks my curiosity as to why people feel the need to put this kind of stuff in their signature, and as the only part of their signature or in their avatar


*Might be NSFW*




There's some other people who do this and I cba to look around for other examples but like is there no rule against this? I don't mind it but personally I don't think OSBot (an online game botting community) is a place for pictures of some nice ass or stuff like that. Maybe it's just me who doesn't really care to see that here, on these forums. Also out of the thousands of users on here I'm sure a good portion of them are young-ish and who could possibly get in trouble if their parents glanced over at their screen while they were browsing and scrolling over these users signatures in a thread. Or even if someone who was older was at work (which there are some of us) who could possibly get fired if caught looking at these kinds of things. Obviously they're not full-out nude pictures but still...


Again, I love the pussy and ass but is it really necessary on OSBot? Discuss.

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i agree their signature's are so FUCKING huge and people get distracted, at least make it smaller.

Very true


I personally never thought pictures like this had their place on forums but I could care less if someone uses such pictures, to me it just makes it obvious that they are severely sexually deprived

Haha yeah :P that's what I'm trying to say

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