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How do I change my home computers public IP address

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What I want to change is this: 



I have done this in the past by cloning my PC's mac via my routers settings and then changing one of the letters/digits but I'm pretty sure you can only do this once as I've tried doing this a second time with it never working.


I have a dynamic IP and comcast is my ISP. How do I change my public IP address without having to call them. 


Please don't tell me to go to "Start>run>cmd>/iprelease>/iprenew as this does nothing unless you're also suppose to do something along side of that.


Legit everything online tells you to unplug this, unplug that, wait for 10min yet nothing works. 

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Keep your router turned off like 5 minutes before that, while it is expired and once you turn on router you will be assigned a new IP address

This could potentially give you the same IP address that you previously had, though, bc ur ISP most likely keeps a table of MAC addresses and their associated IP addresses and will look to that table for an (existing) binding (your old IP address and MAC) before handing out an IP address. So just to be on the safe side, in addition to turning off your router I would also spoof its MAC address to be sure it gets a new IP address when it comes back online.

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