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Flexible Script Deals


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Hi there!

I see all over the forums the amazing scripts available for users, however there are many problems with pricing and duration of script usage.


Idea 1:


It turns out many people do not need a script permanently, perhaps it may be just to train certain skills to a certain level, i.e. 56 Agility. This may only require having access to a script for a certain time. Often this results in many people simply not buying a script at all, and the scripter/osbot has now lost out in revenue.


I propose that it would be a good idea to give options of paying $2 for a 30-day usage of a script, or $5 for permanently buying it.


Many people are reluctant paying for a script for permanent usage when really, they may only need 4-5 days of usage of the actual script. I really think there are many opportunities to cash in on lots of "small amounts" payments on scripts.


Idea 2:


Another idea I think is great is offering "script packages", where you could get a bunch of different scripts, such as agility + mining + smithing + wcing for example, for a "package" deal. This may require either the same scripter on all scripts in the package, or scripters collaboration. However this could be a pretty good deal. Furthermore - this package could have a duration of say 30-60 day durations. This is because many people are starting out new accounts and merely need quest requirements, and don't really need to bot everything to 99.

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