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OSRS Zulrah Guide


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 I have had a few people ask for this guide so I'll pump it out real fast I accidentally erased the last one I had set up with a backspace >.>


Key = Melee orange = 1 Range green = 2 Mage blue = 3 Hybrid green = 4


I recommend for stats at least 85 + range if lower use ruby bolts, Mage 75/94+ venge makes it faster, hp 75+ can 1 tick you easily ,

prayer 40/60+ recommended higher for cheaper trips , def 40+ if lower safe and bring combo food + phoenix, but stats are dependent on your skill level to kill him.


Regicide is required to get do zulrah.



Always start on the east side farthest north possible , his first range stage will not attack but spray poison , If you are 94+ mage always pre veng, and please remember recoils constantly minions will eat you.


Phase 1 = 2-1-3-2-3-2-3-4

Dodge his melee steps easily by moving out of his gaze, stay out of the poison , and prepare for a mage stage, if you are under 94 mage keep prayer up, if you are 94+ vengeance after he hits you once then pray mage, he will do 4 hits then switch to a range form on the south pray range while he is switching run to the west side, he will strike you 4 times then go into a melee stage, avoid his attacks while preparing for another mage stage that will appear on the east side, you should pre venge if possible during the melee stage, he will instantly attack with mage , and continue to strike 4 times. Run back to the west side where he will appear to the south in a range who will not attack but spray 4 ticks of minions after the minions are done get ready for another mage stage, 3 ticks in run to the east side and prepare for a hybrid stage which will start with a range attack, prepare by switching instantly to the next prayer as the previous attack is arriving to hit you, if you don't pray before the hitsplat the next attack will still hit you there is no delay like with jad.



Phase 2 = 2-2-1-3-2-3-4

Pray range unless you are venged then prepare for another vengeance then pray range after his second damage attack, he will then melee in the middle run to the west side while he is spraying poison, he will shoot minions for 3 ticks then attack 2 times with melee before proceeding into a mage form, if you have venge it should be pre venged during the melee stage, he will attack 4 times in mage form before appearing again in the south with a range stage that will not attack you yet spray minions and poison , you should be on the east side again after 4 ticks he will go into mage form for 8 ticks, on the 4th tick run to the west side and prepare for a hybrid stage that will start with a range attack once again.



Phase 3- 2-3-2-3-1-2 either 1-3 will be next. then to a 4

He will spray minions in the mage stage first dont double venge save it for the range stage thats next, tank the mage stage if needed he can 1 tick you here easily,  run after his 4th attack to the west side and either venge or pray range, if he sprays poison he will go onto a mage stage that will spray minions before 3 ticks, after this will be a melee stage that will attempt an attack before proceeding into another range stage where you will venge or range pray, after he will appear int he south with mage stage run onto the west side after the poison disperses, he will spray more minions then switch to a hybrid stage with a range attack.


phase 3 part 2. If he actually shoots minions halfway through it means a melee stage is coming onto the mage stage next then continue as you would as directed int he first part, its random depending on where his hp is at to which he will do the next stage and to where you are standing ect.


Phase 4= 2-2-1-3-2-3-2-2-3-4

This ones a long phase, he will do as he did in "Phase 2" for the 1st half.

He will do a double range to melee then a mage back into a range on the south, but here is where it changes he will be mage attack 4 times from the east side, so be over there, and after his final attack run back to the west side he will not attack with range yet he will use minions , this gives you 4 ticks before he switches back into a range stage, pray range save vengeance for the mage stage that will apear in the center before going into a hybrid stage which will begin with a mage attack.




This was a brief breakdown as the prior guide I had i erased so I'll edit and go into deeper detail as well pictures later, but this should suffice those who wish to learn it now, and if you have questions I'll be here to help in whatever way I can. If I missed anything would love to have someone correct me I do not wish to mislead anyone.




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daamn dont bot on that acc 

Oh I don't and wouldn't it's just to learn the bosses on rs so I can help build scripts for them :) Thanks for caring though ^.^ btw if you ever want to boss with me just send me a DM on here I'll def take you with me.

I stopped doing zulrah after they changed up the phases. I'll read through this once I get home. Thanks for sharing!


You're welcome if you have any questions I'll be here. Also he is faster now if you learn the timing perfectly :D Im 2550 after update, and never killed before.

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