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Best Money making script!


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Hey guys

Trying to get active in the community and would like to know everyone's opinion on what script for what skill would be the best money making method. I know fishing is a great one but would like feed back on what scrips for fishing or mining or cooking or whatever you guys think.

past two scrips I bought were from Czar his rock crabs and experiments and I'm totally happy so I trust that your Advise would steer me in the right direction!

Thanks and happy Botting -jimmyl

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All the skills that make a lot of money quickly are high ban rates. 


My mates were botting fishing/mining/hunter and they all got banned within a few days.


Me on the other hand, I have been botting everything 24/7 and am still not banned.


My advice, be diverse. If you're chopping and changing it looks more human like. Rather than sitting at red chins for 4 days straight.. 


Lets be honest, who would actually do that legit? 


Happy botting :)

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