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Script issues

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Both these scripts work fine w/o mirror client, so I'm assuming the issues are regarding the mirror somehow, I'm using the script bug report format because I had them typed up already, and the scripters can't resolve mirror client bugs. It's mostly an issue with Object interaction it seems.



OSBot Version: 2.3.41
Mirror Mode (Y/N): Y
Script Version:  APA Rock Crabs - Version 3.16
Bug: When starting the script, it doesn't do anything. Infinite idle.
Screenshot/Error Log (if possible):

Anything Else?: Mirror Client only 



OSBot Version: 2.3.41
Mirror Mode (Y/N): Y
Script Version:  DruidKillah - Version 1.05a
Bug:  Interaction with objects and bank fail often, banking is not as bad as interaction with gates and trap door in edgeville dungeon. Script works perfect on regular client. On mirror, it runs but it bugs out fast too.
Screenshot/Error Log (if possible):



Anything Else?:Mirror Client only



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