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Shop Interface (just like Bank but then for shops!)


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This snippet is for people that want to interact easily with shops (like a general shop, runes shop, etc...).
The commands are very similar to bank and to start of you import the source/jar and make a new shop:

Shop s = new Shop(this); // This must be a script object so your main file does fine!
if (s.isOpen()){
    // And close the shop immediately 

As you can see the isOpen method is there just like the one in the bank class.
Next you can get a ShopItem by using this methods:

ShopItem[] allItems = s.getAllShopItems();
ShopItem itemSlot4 = s.getShopItem(4); //4 is the slotID you can debug that by using the store debugger
ShopItem hammer = s.getShopItemByName("Hammer"); // Wont break on patches 
ShopItem byId = s.getShopItemByID(123); // You can use it if you want but you should prefer ByName

And for the final part you can interact with the shop items.

itemSlot4.value(); // Wont return a value you must catch it in your onMessage(String s)

int amountOfHammers = hammer.getAmount();
String hammerName = hammer.getName();
int hammerId = hammer.getID();
int hammerSlotID = hammer.getSlotID();

// You can also get the slot rectangle if you need it for painting:
Rectangle rect = hammer.slot;

Now you can buy stuff from the store! Remember: the ShopItem won't update you need to refresh it everytime by using hammer = s.getShopItemByName("Hammer"); (for example)
There are also a few commands you can use for the shop like getting the shopname:

// First check if the shop is open
String shopName = s.getShopName();
String instructions = s.getInstructions();

Screens (using the ShopDebugger):






Download (jar): http://uppit.com/v6mr2nxmamsm/Shop.jar

Source (pastebin):
If you use the source then make a new package called com.merccy.Shop and place the Shop.java and ShopItem.java there!
Download ShopDebugger (jar): http://uppit.com/68erm8t8a9bh/ShopDebugger.jar
Jelknab - Gave me his debugger which contained the search for item loop (which I modified)
XavierM - Told me that you would just have to use the x/y for clicking the items.


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Does this spam buy for anyone else?



It's spam clicking for me and I haven't been able to solve the problem yet. I don't like the osbot API very much.


If I could do someting simple like this:

public void buy10() {

        Point p = item.getPoint();


        scr.sleep(Script.random(250, 300));


        Point optionPoint = new Point(p.x, p.y + Script.random(67, 70));




I would be able to make something that atleast works, but we have to use MouseDestinations, RectangleDestinations and have a bunch of extra arguments to the mouse methods and I can't find any explanation of these objects and methods. http://osbot.org/api/ is not very helpful.

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