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Dispute on Acerd

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Disputed member: @Acerd and @Cinnamon (Banned)


Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/12794-cheap-potential-zerker/ (Can't see screenshots....) http://osbot.org/forum/topic/60917-s-beast-zerker-759042-fully-quested-99agility/ (Me trying to sell account)


Explanation: @Acerd is original owner. I bought account from cinnamon on dec 21, 2013 for 20m osrs


and since he got banned, he's on a scamming spree and he has recovered the account, or @Acerd recovered the account because it said "Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen" but now it says "Invalid username/email or password", meaning password was changed after it being recovered back. I have told @Acerd to recover the account back to me and it has been 2 days


. There was a bank pin on the account and it is going to be gone after 5 days now, and my account had 90m+ and 8bonds on rs3 + months and months of everyday grinding to get untradeables and everything else sad.png . I put in a recovery to try to recover the account and had almost every single info given by @Acerd (idk if fake), except his address, so I'm guessing that info was wrong too. I don't think Cinnamon had more info than I did so it leads me to believe that @Acerd is the one who recovered it because this happened in the early days too, he recovered it and I had to ask him to give it back without any dispute.


Evidence: Listed above accordingly in context.

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