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[Lifetime Sponsor] Boosting on League of Legends [NA/LAN]

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Welcome to my boosting service. I'm a Diamond 5 on NA --> http://i.imgur.com/RRFzTMq.png



I'm an ADC main (however in bronze-low gold I can play anything). I offer very cheap prices and I can boost up to plat 4 with a very high win rate (I can boost to diamond but only with a ~60-65% win rate in high plat as that's what I did on my diamond account). On to the prices...


Bronze: $8/3m gp 07 per division ($2 per win)


Silver: $11/4.5m gp 07  per division ($3 per win)


Gold: $16/6.5m gp 07 per division ($4 per win)


Platinum: $26/ 10.5m gp 07 per divsion ($6 per win)


I'm a very experienced booster and follow general good guidelines for keeping your account safe. I will be playing on a VPN to reduce chance of a ban and will never speak to anyone on your friends list. I will never purchase anything on your account without your approval. You can at any time pause the boost if you would like to play on your account. Disputing the payment after part/all of the boost is completed will result in a scam report/possible permanent ban on League. I will NEVER use any 3rd party programs/scripts/hacks/DDoS/drophack on your account when boosting.


I can be reached by PM or adding my skype: adc.boost


Thanks for viewing my boosting service! I trust you will enjoy my services.


edit: Offering a vouch division boost (gold V or under for sake of speediness and easiness) to start things off! :D


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