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ATT/STR/DEF Botting Tips?

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You cant use an AIO fighter for rock crabs since they don't appear as npc's until someone walks near one. You have to use a script specifically for rock crabs. If you don't want to bot rock crabs because of the high ban rate, then your best bet would be training in the stronghold for your stats.



Thanks for the response.


Does it matter which NPC? or just any/all?

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1. Buy prem scripts

2. Bot in places where nobody else really bots

3. Babysit bot


You'll probably get banned though.



1.) I have premium scripts. (as i said)

2.) Im asking places to bot  (as i said)

3.) I babysit my bots (as i said)

I'd personally do minotaurs til you get 40/40/40, then buy rune and move on to flesh crawlers for cash if you want banking


Ok thank you for the tips mate!

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