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Rare Item Hunting Guide - all locations, tips, and giveaways


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2007HQ has released a rare item hunting guide with all of the spawn locations, tons of tips, as well as a thread where other players giveaway the location of the rare items!

Check it out by clicking here.

In the guide, you can find:

  • Current/past rare item events
  • Basic information and tips
  • Giveaway thread
  • All spawn locations

Good luck! :D

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Locations I have made a list for :

Number Locations
1 Varrock west bank basement
2 Varrock west bank anvil
3 Varrock east bank anvil
4 Varrock Staff shop upstairs
5 Varrock west mine (tin one)
6 Varrock east mine (copper one)
7 Blue moon inn basement
8 Varrock sewers near moss giants
9 Luceins house west of varrock
10 Varrock museum
11 House south of Apothecary (west v)
12 Wise Old Man House upstairs
Al Kharid
13 Fire Altar
14 In the middle of the cow field
15 Furnace
16 Behind lumbridge castle
17 Lumbridge castle bank
18 Upstairs in the house east of the fountain with Anja and Hengel 
19 Outside Rimmington’s house portal
Kharidian Desert
20 Agility Pyramid
21 Wanderer
22 Ruins of Uzer (outside entrance)
23 Quarry
24 In the anvil building NARDAH
25 Musa Point banana plant
26 Nature rune altar
27 Khazari jungle near Vanilla pods
28 Inside the building in the eastern shipyard on Karamja
29 By the gnome glider
30 Tai bwo wannai town center
Canifis area
31 Canfis pub (upstairs)
32 Priest in peril dungeon room w/ temple guardian
33 Werewolf skullball agi course
34 Lv27 near skeletons
35 South west of red dragon isle
36 Near chaos dwarfs
37 Inside Rogues castle
38 Wilderness Volcano
39 Near wildy lever (at lv52)
40 Spider hill (near sapphire spawn)
41 Mage arena
41.5 Level 15 wild, Little north of Chaos Altar
42 Inside Doric's house
43 Inside herblore shop
44 Blue dragons cage in Heroes guild
45 Jogre cage in zoo (telegrab needed)
46 Near Master farmer north of ardy
47 Making history museum (Outpost south of Tree Gnome Stronghold)
48 West ardounge near Altar and Manhole
49 Dungeon in Witchhaven east of ardy
50 Unicorn cage in zoo BIS fairy ring to go in cage (telegrab required if not using fairy rings)
51 Center of Ardounge
51.5 Will be released at a later time.
Port Phasmatys
52 Port Phasmatys Center
53 Ectoplasm
54 Agility Dungeon near Salarin (67 agi+)
Ape Atoll
55 Zombie Monkeys (In the dungeon)
56 Agility course
57 Ape Atoll inside Marimbu’s temple near the altar with Monkey Guards
58 Coal Trucks 
59 South of flax field (around yews)
60 Bottom floor of Sorcerer's tower
61 Inside McGrubors wood
61.5 Waiting for whoever found it to give permission to share.
Tirannwinn (Elvish lands)
62 Elf-camp in north-west TIrannwinn
63 Near rabbits (not specified which one)
64 Rock crabs, Hobgoblin Peninsula inside Relekka
65 Relekka mine
66 Near Cerulean Twitch's in hunter area
67 Priest in Peril dungeon leading to Morytania near the Temple Guardian (also reported near Drezel
68 Skull Ball Arena
69 Near fire altar in the temple in Mort’ton
70 Near the Phrin shades (unspecified but most likely in shade catacombs) 
71 In Port Phasmaty’s market area
72 Centre of Mort’ton
73 Slayer Tower near the aberrant spectres
74 Graveyard south of the Haunted Woods 
75 Slayer cave near the Turoths 
76 Outside the house where u start waterfall quest
77 Feldip hills beach hut
78 Elf trucks
79 Mudskipper point
80 Grand tree in Gnome Stronghold
81 Trees above Gnome agility area
82 Dagganoths under lighthouse
83 Near Flamtaer (North of Mort'ton)
84 Inside the outer ring of the runecrafting abyss (reported near agility shortcut to the north) 
85 Near Dondakan the Dwarf in Keldagrim South-West mine
86 Peninsula just West of the Crafting Guild (near Hobgoblins)
87 Little island north of Mos Le Harmless
88 Fishing guild near the fish shop
89 Trollweis Mountain near sapphire spawn 
90 Mining area south of Piscatoris fishing colony (easily accessed with AKQ fairy ring)
91 Ranging guild (Unconfirmed)
92 Whirlpool (South of barb outpost)
93 Underground near Scorpions
94 Barber shop (not sure up or down)
95 In front of west bank
96 In front of east bank
97 East side near well south of partyroom
98 Falador garden
99 Near compost bin and allotment patches south of Falador
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