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  1. Lol Not really a serious collector :p Just stuff I found interesting to keep xD The hockey cards are from the 70-90s, I got the cents all throughout the year going through 25.00-75.00 at a time worth. The cameras I got when I was younger.
  2. Sure lol I got like 10k Baseball Cards and like 40k Hockey xD
  3. I'll start off on saying what I collect I currently have 85lbs of Copper Cents (US) Which I hand sorted myself going through probably $600.00 worth :p I also collect Old cameras, Haven't gotten any in awhile but still got a okay collection of those :p So there ya go feel free to post your collections
  4. Have Cata buy something for you that you want ;p Maybe a GiftCard or something to somewhere you buy stuff from, me personally it would be Cabelas :p
  5. NO! I worked so hard!!! Kati wrecks it in 2 minutes! </3
  6. Yeah that sounds nice, also sponsor should cost $100.00 ;p
  7. Post your GT: Weasleytwins What game(s) you play: Black ops 2 Medal of honor Battlefield 1 and 2 What type of mode do you play: All
  8. Advertising other bots isn&#39;t allowed. sucks anyways this isn't the first time it's happened lol..
  9. Good for posting all spots probably have 100+ people on each ;p Probably would need luck and find a hidden spot no1 knows about
  10. FortMinor

    Chat Error

    Got the same problem can't log in to chat
  11. That's nice.... Don't talk to her. Lol . Need those 5k tabs?
  12. I'm ready to watch when you start unless I'm late
  13. I wanna see it made
  14. Damn straight o.o I'm waiting for my VIP back after my problem you aren't trusted just because you purchased something ;p gain the respect of the community for trust.
  15. Osbot is safe to use. You must have downloaded a keylogger -.- Your statement about your friend having 100k plus subs probably is far from true. I use Osbot and I have over a 60m bank.. never been hacked for my stuff?
  16. Can you please send me a couple of admin links pls?
  17. Hi, I am tyring to change pass on an account but I am not receiving email to do so.
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