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keep getting banned

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what thy going on with thy bots?


I've botted before 3 accounts straight up 6 hours+ fishing raw shark and yes all 3 accounts were eventually banned but i've made over 45m with them and they survive for 2 months which is good considering i bot for straight up 6 hours no break.


but now i'm suddently botting again and boom banned in less then a week. made another account boom banned less then a week and this thy new ip.


so like wtf? like omfg like i'm so not botting on my main.


what thy recommend me do to reduce me chances of banned for botting beside not botting?

should i bot 2 hours, break 3 hours or something? what thy macro break setup and how long have you been botting?


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nowadays it is hard, you need more experience, beginners will have a bad time. ko some quests before botting, and i suggest u stop botting after getting 60-80(just the reqs for like fishing shark/wcing yews etc) in whatever stat u want, i mean u can get 3 accs with 60+ of fishing/wcing/cooking and then after play legitely by just having 3 tabs opened and since they re afkable skills then u can train on 3 accs at once.


other option is to play without regrets, even if u dont play often, atleast you wont need to be getting the same skill again, thats ofcourse if  you want to enjoy the acc, not to sell it after u get the stats.

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