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I was banned once for 2 days, I decided to make new account and play on it, as I don't want perm ban on that account.


After I made the account, I didn't change the IP, unitl I heard about IP flag.


When I heard about IP flag, I changed my ip, and started to bot once again, on the same account/different IP.


Will my account be underwatch /secure of jagex still?, or I am fine as I changed my IP?

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It's a new account that I made, I am botting on the new account, not the one I was banned for 2 days..

I'd suspect so, if there is such a thing of "account flagging" then you definitely will. We don't really have much concrete evidence on how Jagex monitors/bans bots, so all I can suggest is to be extra careful and perhaps not bot on this account if it is one you care about.


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