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NMZ Without Bans + PPots.


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Guthans set.

Thats all you need.


I've been there for near 4hours, super afk. Don't even have to look most the time.


You know the best part!?!? I WON'T GET BANNED FOR BOTTING COS ITS LEGIT.



Downsides, it is about 50kxp/hr and the spear has only controlled or defence meaning it is shared between 3 stats so levelling can be a bit slow.


For me its about 16kxp/hr in each stat.



Its definitely worth it, its free XP. With PPots shooting up in price this is the way to go.


Gotta go out? leave yourself with a MTD NMZ and you'll still be going when you get back. Thats free AFK XP.


Its beautiful. 

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guthans is expensive


I got my set for 8.8m, its closer to 10mil now. But thats 10m and it'll last you for ages, better than wasting 10m on PPots.


wht if your a pure? yea your fked


Yeah if you are a pure enjoy spending bank on PPots/getting 2 day bans at crabs/experiments.


Theres randoms in NMZ


Very rarely, so far after 7hours i have yet to come across one.

Random rate is alot less than lets say woodcutting.


oh didnt know that ahah thats awesome then


Yeah, its sweet XP for main accounts without the risk of getting banned as you aren't macroing!

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