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Near Reality - Waste of time


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(MODS: If this must be deleted, please link me to a rule that I have broken.)

Dont bother working for "Near Reality" private server. They had me make them a background for their login screen...They gave me no guidance yet rejected everything I sent them. Then had me recreate an old background of theirs, and once I had- they got it for half price from their "irl but not really" friend. 
Then kicked me from the convo and blocked me on skype. Just really immature. 
Awful experience, dont waste your time working for them.
 I now realize he was banned some time ago on sythe (proof available upon request). - SKYPES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST TO SUIT FORUM RULES
And his OSbot account has 11k views but 6 posts. Call me paranoid but that seems fishy to me.

I really just want to know if they actually have ties to NR or were trying to set up some kind of phish. 

If you've had any strange interactions with people claiming to be from NR please post. 

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Its not even about the money. Its about respect tongue.png. Once I get proof theyre connected to NR Ill ask that this be closed. If it hasnt already tongue.png

I probably wont find that here though since I cant post their info. 




ah w/e, in hindsight this is all pretty childish and not worth fussing over. Ive asked this be deleted. 


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