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KaramjaNaturePro will be a nature crafter that uses the shop method on Karamja.


This will be released for free when finished.



  • Code Logic Design
  • Randomized walking
    • Enable run at 100 energy
    • Web-walking
  • User-Interface
  • Object Interaction
  • Shop Interaction
    • Sell optimal amount to shop
    • Buying from shop
  • Unique Behavior Anti-Ban
    • Simple chat with near players
    • Check friends list
    • Check skills
    • Move camera
    • Need more ideas..
  • All behavior is conditional to be start-anywhere
  • Pouch support
  • Auto cure poison
  • Auto Healing




Collected all data for the script

Completed logic design

Completed full shop support

Completed everything else..

Tested and proved to be fully functional



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The bot is fully functional, needs some improvement and further testing at this point. ETA 1 day. Working on an auto-buying bot at the moment which is done besides world hopping. Does anyone know why the mouse won't go down to the world select button on the login screen, it'll go other places just not there?

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