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is this the proper way

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I have:

  • an empty interface - "ObjectType"
  • a main Enum fulled with variables - "Main"
  • and another Enum fulled with more variables. - "P" which implements the empty interface "ObjectType"

with in the "Main" Enum im trying to access the "P" Enum and all its variables so with in the "Main" Enum constructor. I did this.

Main(int requirement, int cost, ObjectType... objectType)

 so within the fixed variable im trying to add in the whole "P" Enum as one of the fixed variable arguments. So i did this.

PARK(1, 1000, P.values());

Is this the proper way of doing this? Im not too sure i haven't tried it out yet. This idea popped into my head, this is the first time ive done this.

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