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[Guides] Don't understand Java? Look here. [Guides]

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Alright, so when I began to get curious about Java.. Like any other person who is familiar with the internet I decided to search Google.. yet there were tons of thing that I didn't know already and I kept getting lost no matter what I found.. so I decided to take a day out and be bound and determined to find something that helped.. I did.


I found this guy on YouTube named thenewboston (aka Bucky Roberts) he is a YouTuber from years ago who has made many different videos on different programs and programming languages including Python, jQuery, C++, and JAVA!


I began to watch his tutorials, and although they are slow.. they provide a lot of hands on work with the language itself which really helps (in my opinion) to teach you the language.. 


He has two different difficulties (that I could find at the moment, I believe he has one higher..) and I will be linking you to each playlist now..







Other than Bucky, there ARE some sites out there that can help teach you the basics of some other languages.. one such site is: http://www.codecademy.com/



If this thread does help you, please leave me a comment and let me know, I figured that if I share my knowledge of sources I could help build up the community of Scripters we all would like to have one day. 


I apologize if this thread seems a bit messy, it does to me for some reason.. I don't know why, might be because I'm running on 48hrs without sleep.. Please let me know if anything is not working/broken. Thanks!


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