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GOD'S 71 to 99 hunter goal

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i started going for 99 hunter 2 days ago i will upload a picture everyday into i get banned or get 99



I plan to bot everyday for 10hrs a day

i will be using DNAIOHunter

i will upload a picture of my level for that day and might add in some progys as well wink.png



If anyone would like to donate anything that would be great just pm me






Total made so far from hunter 14m 07

Gold Sold: 0m



2HtK1fN.png  day 3  :Gold made 300k

j63Rpls.png   day 4 :Gold made 500k ran for 10hrs

KUKHUgQ.png  day 4 still :gold made 245k turned it back on for another 5hrs

GpUiSWn.png  day 5 : Gold 250k made did 5hrs today

7Kaenru.png day 6  : got a progy for today



day 7

83 hunter now and got 500k gp yesterday now training other stats for Frost Impulses will be ready tomorrow


day 8

making 330k gp per hour running for 6hrs a day now



day 9

made : 2m that day


day 10 : did not bot this day


day  11 : again did not get to bot was making my own script that day


day 12 : ran out of membership so had to get a bond botted 3 hours that night got 1m


c32bae5792c6cd98a8c4b9d3986abbb0.pngday 13: botted 17hrs made 6m 


day 13 : made 2m botted 4hrs

day 14 : made 2.6m botted 6hrs

day 15 made 4.1m botted 12hrs

day 16 did not bot

day 17 did not bot

day 18 did not bot

day 19 did not bot

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