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Lead designer amazing work!

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Looks very nice actually, but targeting a graphics artist because your friend decided to abandon the deal he structured with the user, and releasing a product that wasn't final, was constantly updating this to the users needs, and he decided to abandon the deal and think that was okay after put in hours of work and made many changes.



@Deffiliate  chose to ignore when trying to contact him to make more changes to suit his needs for the $25.00 payment.

6142df442b69f959719c76e1d0f9e9b1.png That was the last one he sent by the way, so posting an earlier version isn't giving the full story.





him agreeing to pay 25.00 for the product so far, but knows he needs more done, this was over a week ago and not one message from giving instruction on what else to add/remove/change. 26291eea7fd11097de3266870b9b8a1f.png


Good attempt at making someone look bad, especially when you aren't giving the full story.

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