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Working for call of duty

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Hey, I'm working for a media company, that is working with call of duty atm for the championships.


I had to design and animate a few things for them, but in order to do that, i had to have the artwork.

So they sended me 16 Gig's of artwork, Logo's (PSD and EPS), fonts, 10k x 10k textures, style guides and a shitload more.


Now my question is, a few friends of mine and other people wanted me to share those files.


Is this smart to do?  because if they find out im screwed hardcore.

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If you haven't signed a non disclosure agreement (NDA) then you can share as you please.  But they still won't like that and it will give your company a bad name.


If you signed an NDA and you share the files, you're subject to them suing you.


They're most likely copyrighted too.. so I'd suggest no.


Your call

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If your the type of person that enjoys going to court and getting sued and most likley loosing 90% too all of your assets. then by all means share with your friends. maybe they will let you sleep on the couch when your finished with court. and your job terminates you. 


On the other hand.


If your the type of person that does not fit into the category stated above, then no sir. do not share those files smile.png

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