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My OSBot, all my RS, my Skypes, EVERYTHING. ALL OF IT. I don't know if the hacker did anything to you specifically, but if he did, I apologize immensely. I do not know how this could have happened, as I haven't downloaded anything. I apologize for everything! I have checked my DMs and it seems my OSBot account hasn't messaged anyone recently, which is great. Don't try to make a fake dispute, as Maldesto can read chats too, and he'll see if the hacker specifically did anything to anyone. I have checked my main skype and it seems I have no hidden conversations or anything. I have taken my computer to my very close friend who is great with computers / scripting / Windows , and he manually is searching all of my files. I have changed all of my passwords and am now currently using a different PC. Now to the part OSBot won't like, I believe it might have been a script. If my friend doesn't find anything, I will be 90% certain it was a script. I don't use many local scripts, or any other bot clients, so there's that. I don't know what to say. I also am not making a dispute because I wouldn't know who to point it towards..

Aw shooot..


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