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getting current world

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public static final int getCurrentWorld(final ClassLoader loader)
   throws Exception {
  final Field field = loader.loadClass("client").getDeclaredField("z");
  if (!field.isAccessible())
  return field.getInt(null) * -2588411;

Usage: getCurrentWorld(bot.D());

currently using this to check if im in world 85 then i hop if i am

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wat no dog_ wrote it

that's me

You could just make your own small updater and implement it into your script. Grabbing them fields is pretty easy as the class "client" has a fixed name and doesn't change throughout revisions; you'd just have to hunt a pattern down with either ASM or regex =) I've done it before so it can't be that hard haha

I have my own updater but it's really a waste of time implementing it into a script lol
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