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Maurice Moss

Suggestion for OSBot developers

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Hey, it's been stated that the almighty osbot gods are working on a version of OSBot for RS3, i have to question this buisness decision, the ban rate on RS3 is extremely high, it doesn't seem practical to bot..

So, while thinking about that, i came up with a similar idea, which actually makes a lot of sence..

Why not make one that is compatable with Runescape Private Servers? Lots of people play RSPS' soulsplit, grinderscape, just 2 pretty big ones i can toss out off the top of my head. tons of players, I imagine it wouldn't be too much of a stretch, and it would probably get the servers themselfs a bunch more players, because it would likely become a new cryptocurrency.
(which is essentially what RSGP has become)

Anyways, something to think about.


....mellow.png good god, this could turn RSPS' into a new cryptocurrency stock market... mine gold.. invest in up and coming servers with the hopes they'll go far... even market crashes like dupes or corrupt staff, or being hacked. MOIHAHAHHA


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