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Computer randomly shutting down


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This only happens when I have OSBOT open and running I was wondering if this happened to anyone else because it's very very annoying when it shuts down when I'm doing something. Please help


Your cpu is overheating since osbot is making it run on high for a period of time, So its shutting down your computer so it doesn't dmg the hardware.

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I'd also say your computer is overheating due to OSBot. Do you have a laptop, or desktop? If you have a laptop, try flipping it upside down while you run it afk. Most computers (for some odd reason) push the warm air through the bottom of the computer. It makes no sense to me, but I tried it, and it seems to work for me! Just make sure you don't have a cd in your drive or something. Maybe position a fan to blow cool air to it?

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