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How to Merch. $$


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Hello and welcome to my first guide ever written

I made this to help people who need help with merching, it's not that hard on runescape but i think some people might do it wrong or can do it a lot better then they used to do. I like trading/making good deals and the economy in general.


I am currently using ATmercher and i'm still amazed about how great this script is, i never got scammed and it runs flawless for me. Thanks to the maker of this lovely scripthappy.png



So first of all you should know how to make money from merching on Runescape or any other MMO.

What do you do:

Basicly you buy items for the fewest amount of gold as possible and sell them for the biggest amount as possible, this way you make profitsmile.png



How to start

First of all you will need a start capital, i would recommend getting 300k - 1m and start with items such as rune armor. You'd probably think to start with something such as fish/logs/ores etc. But i don't prefer to start with those items. WHY NOT? (i will use lobsters for example). People usually buy lobsters in bulks, if your capacity is only 1k you will probably make like 30k profit while they acutally need 10k. The same applies for sellers, if a seller wants to sell you 10k of lobsters but you can only buy 1k you are wasting your time (even if you are botting it) the time of buying those lobsters and sell them again takes too long. You must be able to buy bulks of lobsters before making a good amount of profit. Other sellers and buyers are precious for you! Well if this isn't a good start then why would rune armor work? Most people only sell one or two rune item(s) which means you can buy them all, you maximize your productivity by buying all the seller his items. Most buyers will probably only need one so your productivity is at his limit if you can provide him with all the items he wants. Per rune item you could make 5-10k if you buy and sell them for the right prices, the profit looks low but the amount of people who will trade or sell you things is BIG also there are not as much salesman compared to the fish/logs/ores market. I have been merching rune items for the past few days and i make 150-200k per hour.


^This is MY vision on the market on Runescape, and sure people may call this bullshit but it works for me and helped me out a lot in the beginning.


How to keep going

If you finally reached 4-10m you should consider picking a new item, you could finally start merching bulk items or maybe next tier items: like dragon, barrows etc. The problem with merching is that most spots and items are already taken by die-hard money farmers the positive thing about this is that they probably wont check prices of other people: so just lower your price and compete with them!

At this point you should pick an item and stick to it for a while merching takes a lot of patience and perhaps some luck aswell. You might want to set goals to keep yourself motivated, motivation has always been a struggle for me on RuneScape, and i think many people agree.


Tips and tricks

- Merching is common sense, be smart about it

- Don't give up too soon on one item, just give it more chance

- Stick to one price and don't lower it too soon (patience my friend..)

- Don't sell the items for too low

- Don't buy the items for too high

- Set goals

- Be clear in the text you type

- Try to differ in colour with other salesmen

- Compete with other salesmen

- Use an unscammable script or your own brain 


I kinda enjoyed making this guide, i hope i helped people out with the basics of merching and trading. Please comment down below and rate this guide, i want to improve myselfwink.png


I apologize for any grammar mistakes

Thanks for reading!







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Always 1 troll?!


At least he is contributing to helping new people at this, what you doing?


Well I don't understand how someone could be so ignorant, that he/she couldn't even merch? Merching is very simple way to get profit, and at least for me it's common sense: Buy cheap, sell item for high price and count the profit. Simple.

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