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Feedback question


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Wasn't sure where to put this so i'll just put it in spam :>


Am I allowed to get feedback if we just trade in game items? I've seen a couple of feedbacks saying "bought some items off him" ect



I am selling quest kits, so I think that could come under as a "paid service"?



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Doubt it. There is absolutely no risk involved on anyone's part in an in game trade. The point of the system is so people don't charge back on PayPal or steal GP without paying, etc. If this was allowed scammers can just sell feathers for 1gp ea, get 100 feedback then scam a $1000 trade with their amazing feedback. Also it would allow for feedback "farming".

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No because no risk being taken.

But it says "A paid service OR a risk taken", I understand if it wasn't allowed, because usually feedback is from being trustworthy and trading in game stuff doesn't really make it "trust worthy" but the rules don't really say that I can't


also, once upon a time, feedback just meant your feedback on the service, your thoughts on it.. Now it's just a trust thing

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