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Automatically update batch file to run osbot


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Hi devs/others.

I like to run my osbot client with the command window open to look for exceptions that aren't thrown in the clients console.

I typically find myself getting frustrated having to update my batch file so often so I made this.


@echo off
SET /a i=100

IF %i%==0 GOTO END
if exist ".\osbot 1.7.%i%.jar" GOTO run
SET /a i=%i%-1

java -jar ".\osbot 1.7.%i%.jar"

echo No osbot files found.  Please contact Dreamliner on OsBot forums.
Copy and paste this into a text document and save it as a batch file. You can now run osbot up to 1.7.100 (can change if need be god forbid..) without needing to change a thing!

this must be run from the same directory you save osbot jars in

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