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To all of those LoL gamers.


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Hello erryone. I been playin league about two years now, and I have all but like 3-4 champs on my account, along with most skins, so I really don't need RP anymore for anything. Little did I know, my GF bought me a 25 an 50$ RP card cause my mother told her that I played the game a lot, which infact I don't anymore and had switched to 07 RS quiet awhile back. Looking to trade these cards for some 07 RS gold when I am able to start trading on this site, but for now its just a heads up type of thing. Also, I do still play LoL every now and then, maybe a couple games a week, so if anyone is interested in playing with me on the NA servers, my name is "2 inch softy", this is a smurf account I was boosting to lvl 30 to try to get into bronze5 for boosting accounts, but I never quiet got it finished since I stopped playin. I have 3 other lvl 30's, 1 of them is my main with everything maxed out for the account, and another one has around half the champs with mostly a skin for every champ, and the other is a lvl 30 in like bronze 1 from decaying so long with only around 20 champs. I'd also be willing to sell or possibly even give away an account to someone who is in need of a lvl 30. Let me know your IGN's or just add me and hit me up sometime when im on! Thanks guys! Happy holidays!

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