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Can someone help me with Batch/Dos coding (or whatever it's called, cuz seriously, fuck those guys)


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I'm trying to make a string, and if the string is so and so, it goes to such of such place...

Like this:

echo Please pick on of the servers.
-now I want it to be like, input "server: "____(e.g. CreativeScape)-
if %server% = CreativeScape GOTO CreativeScapeServer

I know A LOT of that shit is messed up, like the %server% part, and the 'input' part, as you can see I really need help.


Here is my actual code, full:

@echo off
title Add servers! V.0.1
color 0a
echo  __________________________________________________
echo !    This is my first attempt at auto-download     !
echo !  server things and stuff, so it will be buggy    !
echo !  and perhaps not work. It will need constant     !
echo ! updates but perhaps one day I'll get it perfect. !
echo !__________________________________________________!
echo Which server do you want to download? As of December
echo 24th, there are the following servers:
echo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
echo Universal.jar  --  2006Remade.jar
echo AllStarLegends.jar  --  CreativeScape.jar
echo CrisisX.jar  -- FirePk.jar  --  OhHaiDer.jar
echo PKHonor.jar  --  RuneDeath.jar  --  Vasora.jar
echo and runeonline.jar
echo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
echo Please pick one of the servers, and type it in AS IT
set /p server= IS (case sensitive, include.jar) for direct download.
if '%server%'Universal.jar" goto universal
echo Downloading Universal.jar provider. This will be a moment.

I'm trying to make this RSPS bot much easier to use for new people :p

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