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Hello everyone,


We are very glad and proud to announce that with this release the SDN is finally available for public. Furthermore this version contains a couple of bug fixes for bugs introduced with 1.5.12.


Work on randoms that has been done:

  • Fixed lost and found (appendages teleportation random)
  • Modify Molly partially, untested though
  • Fixed freaky forester
  • Fixed maze

Work on the OSBot client that has been done:

  • Added SDN script availability
  • New accounts GUI and backend support
  • Random management system
  • Ads no longer pop up when you're not running a script
  • GUI buttons are back to how they were before, like real buttons
  • General bug fixes all over the place



Please note that the SDN is still very immature and we might have to update a couple of times in the future to remove bugs that we have missed.

To add scripts, go to the store here: http://osbot.org/forum/store/ and check out the scripts you want to add. Then click the refresh button to load them in your script selector.


We will be releasing a manual for script developers and for bot users how to use the SDN in the coming days. Also, in the coming days we will start adding scripts to the SDN and give access to the SDN for script developers.


Download can be found here: http://osbot.org





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