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Got a Virus? Guide


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This may or may not work, but if your antivirus fails you, this is a way to weaken a virus' ability atleast.

This most likely wont work if it's burnt to your windows folder as a system file.



1.After doing this, DELETE THE FILE, and ANY copies of it.

2.DO NOT OPEN THE FILE, that's like opening the door to a thief.

3.If it's in a zip file, make a new folder on your desktop and move it to that folder, and delete the zip file, if you've already opened the one in the zip, deny rights of the one on the desktop and delete the zip, then click the one on the desktop, then delete it.

DO NOT just move it to your desktop, alot of viruses are made to automatically hide on your desktop, creating an even bigger problem, if this happens, go to the desktop folder and use the guide below.

4.If it's burnt to your windows file, the ONLY possible way to really get rid of it is probably a boot disc, a system restore WILL NOT get rid of a virus like that.

5.Be careful on the internet, don't get a virus in the first place.

(1.)Don't click suspicious links/Have it set to always ask before a download, alot of links instantly download something, and boom, you're ratted.

(2.)Safe Links?:Gyazo (Screen shot), tinypic, ect.

(3.)Watch out for stuff like: osbot.com, osb0t.org, with anything.

(4.)Be logical, if it looks like a virus, it's probably a virus.

Example: World of Warcraft download: 267Kb, Only an idiot is going to download this.



Right click the file and hit properties

Click security

You'll see Permissions for SYSTEM, most likely, if it's a virus, it has all permissions checked

Below the checklist, click Advanced

Click change permissions

Uncheck Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent

It'll open an interface, on it, click remove.

Now go back to the Permissions for SYSTEM checklist

Above it click Edit

Deny ALL permissions


I hope this helped, I discovered it myself.


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