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jagex see this?

cleaned gtfo

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Ghost mouse is shitty since it will do the exact same mouse movements every time and dont solve randoms etc..


I think she ment to do is fish legit.. then drop with ghost mouse..



I think it's safe tho.. if u just keep being legit and drop with ghost mouse.


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It works fine. i use axife mouse recorder for the SAME thing, i got from 50-80 fishing on trout/salmon using mouse recorder to drop my inventory.


Here is how to use it properly.


1. Record more than 1 mouse movement, (Ex) make 2 different records to drop your inventory so it changes a little bit.

2. After every 10-20 inven drops the more the riskier, re-record your mouse movements so it changes.


Keep doing that, and you should be just fine!

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