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Calling internet provider


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So first I have obviously been flagged by Jagex as a botter. I've been banned on three accounts which have never been botted on. I just want to play legit now but I can't with the current situation.

Ok, I have heard people say you can call your Internet Provider to have them change your IP Address but that's as far as I ever see anyone go with it. What information are they gonna ask me though? Or do I not need any information?

Please just help me out guys.

*This is directed to anyone who has actually done this before or has knowledge of legit information on this.


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What exactly is the difference between a static and dynamic IP address?

For each there are different ways of changing the IP.

With dynamic, all you have to do is reboot the router and it should give you a new IP.

For static, you would have to go into the router's configuration settings and change the last couple digits of it to what you desire. 

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Hmm makes sense Britney. Now am I correct when I say each device has it's own ip? Even if it is connecting to the same router for wifi?

No, if you are connecting any device to the same router your public IP will be the same for each device that is hooked up to it.  

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