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Athylus' pest control bot


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If you would like to contribute to this script, please help me at this link. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/22170-void-island-walking/?p=258380

The script will be made public here once it gets me 75 attack.


Recently I've began writing my own bots because sometimes the public ones won't work well for me, or they get me banned. Probaly because people are identically using a script. The pest control scripts aren't working for me as I want them to either, so  I've decided to make a script that is supposed to walk around the area attacking monsters. As I'm writing the script I let the log display messages and I will probaly keep them in if I do plan to release this. 


This will be my fifth bot. I have made a potato picker script, a teleporter, an agility course script and a woodcutter.





List of things to work on

  • Getting in the boat
  • Waiting on departure, log out if it takes longer than 5 minutes
  • Walk to mid area
  • Attack monsters
  • Antiban


Getting in the boat


Currently the bot gets in the boat, you have to be standing at the wooden area near the gangplank. While the adventurer is moving the bot will sleep. As long as the gangplank is on the screen, the script will left click the gangplank. When it isn't the camera will rotate.


Note: Crashes if you're too far away, in the bank for example.


Waiting on departure, log out if it takes long than 5 minutes


While the character is in the boat the script will sleep for 30000ms and display a message on the log. I'm working on having this being counted up together and when it adds up to 5 minutes you will log out. If the character is animating it will sleep. Not quite sure what more to add this. Might come up with more later.


Update 26-10-2013: After standing still in the boat for 300 seconds you now log out automatically. By using a for loop that adds 30 to itself each time starting from 0, once it has reached endValue 300 it will stop this loop. After that another if starts that states loopValue => endValue, then some lines that log you out.


It's working good but the log doesn't, it stops at 270 but still waits for 30 more seconds and then logs out and I will correct this mistake sometime. But I have other priorities for now. I will consider this part done for now.


Walking to the middle area whenever it is too far down


As for this method, it is supposed to walk to the void knight whenever I get too far south. I plan on making this by using a simple if statement that tells the script to walk to the void knight whenever I get in an (x1, y1, x2, y2) area. I will work on this part tomorrow. 


The above method will not work, so I'm going to have to try something else. If anyone cares to see it discussed here is the hyperlink.



Update: It's working now. Sort of. It is very random at times but hey, maybe that's actually a good thing. Lol. Doesn't always walk when the game has just started though for some reason. I might have to use text detection as well. I'm going to have to figure out how that works.


The script can now walk effectively to the middle position, I'm still working on this though because it randomly walks off at times. I am now walking based on the squire's position. This has priority for now.


It's working good.


Attacking monsters


Works good, only attacks shifters for now. It spam clicks however though. Going to have to take a look at the API or some guides for this.


Going to make an array of monsters and update my combat part of the script later this week. Still got some stuff to study for university, and then there's also sports and socialising. Busy life atm. 


Haven't gotten around to fixing the spam clicking issue. But instead I fixed some errors here and there, big thanks to Swizzbeat for helping me out.


List of antiban I've implemented


  • Character logs out when 5 minutes have passed waiting in the departure boat  Put between /**/, isn't working as it should. It finishes the loop and then logs out, even if the character has departed.




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Hello GoldenGates,


Thanks, I'm doing pretty good actually. Updated this topic a little while ago and I will continue updating this until this project is finished. So stay tuned. wink.png


P.S. Feedback and tips would be appreciated.


Edit: The bot has been running for a good 2 hours now. However there are still things that I want to improve, I'm studying navigation at the moment though. Things are going well with my study and the bot programs. I plan on releasing a couple of bots soon.

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