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how to get memberships cheap


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This may be too much work for some goldfarmers but it will be around $1.95 per account to start farming on each account.Also you can use more than 1 bond per account so its good for cheap memberships aswell





1. have an account on EOC with some good gold about 6-7m per gold farm account once you have this go to step 2.

2. make a fresh account with fresh email and then make your way to the grand exchange and get 6.5m-7m from your acc holding the gold and then move to step 3.

3. buy a bond from the grand exchange for 6.5m-7m and then redeem if for a 14 day membership then you can use the acc on 07 for 14 days.

4. repeat steps 1-3 for each gold farming account you setup




Thanks for reading,





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So it's only 12m a month for membership? Dang. Thanks man! Can you redeem more than one bond at once? 



Can I do this on an existing account which is out of membership or does it have to be "Fresh"? 


you can do it 1000000 times if you want i know a guy that plays leegit that bought 2 years of mems or 53 bonds for 5m each when they were cheaper so he spent 79$ for 2 years of mem but he had the gold he didnt buy it

Yes Gpx, although bonds are unstable and you only get 28 days not 29.99 :/ 


no you only get 14 day memberships with the bonds but still its a pretty good deal.

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