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New Way to Break! Thoughts?


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Hey guys.






I was suicide botting to see just how long I could get a proggy for a stupid spot was.....



I got 23 hours consecutive at the fishing guild with lobsters with already 1 ban on my account.



WAIT. I wasn't even banned after that.


For reasons, I had to shut everything down for two days.


Came back- hit it again for 20 hours.


Turned it off for 10. (because damn. I just botted 43 hours in 4 days)


Turned it on next morning. Botted for 7 hours- it glitched out for 3, banned.





What if... Longer consecutives with longer breaks is the way to go? Simulates a hardcore gamer and his burnout?

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An ideal way would be to setup breaks at X time for Y minutes, sadly it's only intervals though :/

Also what did it do during this 'glitch out' period, because if it was sitting there trying to complete an action several times for 3 hours straight you're likely to be flagged

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