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unlimited botting if perm muted?!?! a way to get unbanned after first time?


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what do you think, i dont know because if its possible then farm like that :D, because if you perm muted you could always email jagex and saying i couldnt respond because im perm muted.



the way: i think, if you botted got 2 day ban, then changed ur ip kept botting got banned again, you could change ur ip back i guess and email jagex saying you were hacked and they botted and got you banned. (just a suggestion)

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Why would you post a one word response? Either post something constructive or don't post. 


On topic: I think it only has a chance to work if it was for bot busting and maybe even then it might not because you know Jagex doesn't really give a flying f**k about its community specially if they think you are botting. Would be something interested to try though.

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