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Request: Animated Gif Avatar


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Made this thread mainly as aplace to collect all of my thoughts andideas to link on some of the bigger/popular graphic's threads.

I'd like a gif made similar to this one here:


  • The center/blue sphere will be a big letter "O"
  • The three green spheres will be a letter "Y", "H", and "J".
  • I don't wish to include the grey circles/rings though.
Examples of colors I like:
I enjoy Andorid holo theme colors,Blacks, Dark Greys, Blues etc. as seen here:
Another example:
Another example:

Go ahead and click the Skype button above to add my Skype or post here if you have any further questions


Looking to pay around ~$8 for it if that seems fair, and room for bonus if I like it a lot/out styles jive together well/we tweak it extensively for me to like it a lot.



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