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More Efficient Way of Botting! (Maybe)

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Ok so Im creating this thread to kind of get feedback, and also inform others of what I have done to cut my memory usage in half! Please do keep in mind that I have an 8 core cpu, 16gb of ram. So clearly not everyone will be able to have a similar setup, but hopefully I can help some people out.


So first things first. What are we doing? 


We will be creating a Virtual Machine.


A virtual machine is essentially a computer running inside of your current os.


The easiest and most intuitive way of making one is through a program called Virtual Box.

Download Link: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads


The requirements for this, is at least a quad core cpu, and at least 8 gb of ram, to run things smoothly.


Other Requirements, access to a windows 7 .iso file.


There are plenty of youtube videos on how to set up virtual box, but if you need help, just post here, im sure I or someone else can assist you.


Now once, you go through the windows setup process, and have a fresh clean copy of windows loaded up on your virtual machine, you need to download only what you absolutely need.


I suggest using ninite (quick link: http://ninite.com/java-jdk/), it is a app installer that essentially installs programs from a list, automatically, while saying no to all junk, like tool bars etc.


Click on java, and jdk. Get installer, and let them download/install.


Now you should have the bare minimums to botting. This is close to if not the lowest memory usage for botting.


I havent fully tested it yet, but Im pretty certain you can get near if not double the amount of bots running on your current desktop.


NOTE: I have sought and found this method, simply because I was having some pretty bad memory and cpu usage issues, if you dont have a problem running the current amount of bots, then this is something you can try if you want, but not recommended.


Now, im not sure if anyone else has run their computer to a blue screen like I have, but this is beneficial if you do run into this problem, because if your virtual machine hits the wall, it will just crash the virtual machine, not your own physical one.


I believe the reason behind the significant decrease in memory, is not all the random programs running in the background on your physical machine. 


There are probably things I forgot to mention, or added that make no sense, please let me know what to add/take away and I will edit this post till its right smile.png Thanks for reading!


Current Ram Usage With 5 Bots running: http://gyazo.com/ccdc59c4b3cd92dafeb8bc002caf06f0



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not a bad guide but it would be better with some pictures/links!

and maybe if you use a bit less text so basically just the most needed information.

I will work on it, if you feel like trying it, please post your results smile.png


Naw dood I already knew about virtual machines. If I do though i'll post some results here but I don't tend to bot anymore so :/

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Had negative experience with VirtualBox. Virtual machines are in general utilize more RAM and cpu due to virtualization overheads and additional windows copy RAM / interop RAM / etc. Do you know why does it may work with Java? Due to bugged implementation of Java JRE so multiple applications force each other to fight for computer resources?


I think there is nothing so quick as just install xp 64 bit and run game on it many instances. win7 also not so bad in terms of performance, but need to turn off indexing and some other things, in some cases SSD is must.


P.S. Maybe, you can install Ninite on your main OS and take advantages of less-memory usage?

P.P.S. Maybe, you need clean-install windows on your computer? And DONT INSTALL FIREWALL / ANTIVIRUS etc?

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You should definitely add a step by step process of how you set your new Virtual Box. Yes there's tons of guides online, but their all being designed for different purposes. If you're aim is to get a lot of bots running on this thing that means you're going to have to allocate a lot of memory to it, and some guides might not do that.

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A great way of putting this guide to it's full potential and educating others about this method would be making a YouTube video on how the steps are done rather than having somebody read it, it's easier for most people. I like the idea of it though for a Windows computer, I would do that if I wasn't using parallels tbh.

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