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Mirror Mode.. is it still worth purchasing?


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1 hour ago, TriBait said:

I haven't botted for a while, I was wondering if mirror mode is still a thing when it comes to reducing bans? or have people realized it's just a "gimmick"?  so should I be purchasing mirror mode for solo botting a single account or not?  

I am using mirror mode

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1 hour ago, TriBait said:

does lifetime sponsor give a lifetime of mirror mode? is there a way to get lifetime mirror mode without paying 9.99 monthly? 

lifetime is exactly as it sounds a lifetime.  it's the same package deal and a little more than VIP for a one time payment.

think of it this way - lifetime sponsor = unlimited vip for a payment of $124 ~ give or take after taxes therefore you get unlimited access to mirror mode + buying script discounts great for someone who's planning on botting accounts to either sell or gold farming to supply a main account to either use for personal or sell for a side hustle of money or just for fun and saves money overtime generally someone who plans on doing this for a long time.

VIP = $9/Month it's unlimited mirror mode for that month then you need to renew.  this option is great for someone who isn't sure weather they're just going to make a few bots get them up to certain level's then dump the accounts or for gold farming having throw away accounts or if in some cases you're like me and just want to bot for fun and see how far you can get an account before its issued a perm ban it's a rush to see can I max an account before its banned etc.

you can turn off auto renew if it's not something you want to have be a repeated payment,  you can pay month to month on your own life calls.

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