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Questing scripts


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Two reasons, I hate questing and for botting purposes, stealth quester works the best it does what its supposed to 95% of the time, I like it. I just wish more quests were added. 

For streamlining botting more effectively getting rid of trade restrictions quickly and obviously appearing more human like is better, more quests means more human like does it not? What I think would be cool is to be able to click one button and the bot takes over and does most the f2p quests no starting GP needed

7 hours ago, childrenfirst said:

This is a stupid post 


5 hours ago, Farken Dan said:

Whats wrong with the current ones?

stealth quester A- has minimal flaws just needs more quests added IMO

speedrun quester im working with the scripter to help fix it 

slick quester B works alright just IMO needs more added has some bugs

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