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Couple of script repo suggestions


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Obviously anything client related is more important, but revamping the script repo / shop could be a nice change as Pat seems to be kicking client updates into high gear.

  • Allow scripts to have multiple tags (e.g. Czar Guardians tagged as both minigame and runecrafting; Khal Blast Furnace as minigame, smithing, and money making)
  • Ability to view all scripts without category filters
  • Dynamic filtering based on a search bar at the top
    • Drop-down filters for script writer
    • Sort options: User count, recently updated, average review
  • Add VIP, Sponsor, Advertiser, Bot Manager, and gift card tiles to the store, essentially make it more of an all-encompassing store instead of just scripts. I see the two Manager options are added, but they can't be clicked
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