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Throws Errors at Snippets of Code


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I got questions for methods I've implemented into a script I'm working on. These are concerning 


  • if (client.getInterface(int).getChild(int).getMessage() == "yadayadayada")...
  • if (client.getInterface(int).isValid())...


Now, the bot just gives me the "Error on executing script worker!" error everytime it comes down to check into these two areas and I do not have a clue why. I am trying to use the getMessage method to check for a chat line from an NPC once you click on them but it throws the error at me. Also when I want to check for a certain interface to come up (e.g. Range Guild Target Interface after clicking on the target), it throws the error as well. Now I am pretty sure I got the parent and child values of the interfaces correctly, what is it that I am doing wrong? Thanks.


P.S. The interface Debugger needs improvement.

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