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False Feedback Removal

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@Pkstr1994has left me negative feedback for banning him from my discord.


He leaked a private script to another user who is now banned on Osbot.


Pkstr was banned from my discord when xHannyah was banned (this is when i found out about the script leak)


He has full access to everything he has purchased and has it in his possession already.


Can provide any proof of him owning the scripts that Mods will need.

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Feed back removed as it doesn't fit the feedback system scheme.


PositivePositive feedback is meant for trades that have been completed without a problem. Also you are completely satisfied with what you have received and how the deal took place (The seller/buyer's behavior in the situation etc).

Neutral: Neutral feedback is meant for trades that were successful but you are left unsatisfied with how the trade was completed. For example, if you were treated harshly during the trade or the item was not as described, feel free to warn other members of the seller/buyer's attitude or service by leaving neutral feedback.

NegativeNegative feedback is meant for trades to where you have not received the item you have paid for or someone has taken away money given to you for a service. This can also be left if the buyer and/or seller is extremely rude or demanding, these will be handled in a case by case scenario by the Staff Team.

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