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Evaluating the path of exile from different servers

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The path of exile can be divided into international service and Tencent service (National Service), but the domestic community environment is completely different from that of foreign communities. Simply speaking, foreign communities use your path of exile currency to optimize the game experience, and the mainstream view is cost-effective; The domestic community environment is that if you don't brush well enough, you can buy some general goods. The mainstream point of view is krypton gold.


So the game is inseparable from the environment of the game market. What kind of players will create what kind of environment. The path of exile orbs is obviously not suitable for the domestic market, or it is not developed for the domestic market.


Because the domestic game environment is very utilitarian. Maybe it's because the domestic social environment is too voluminous, the pressure of students' study is great, the pressure of social work and life is great, so we play games mainly for the purpose of relaxing, venting and balancing the social gap. So the player group has obvious characteristics: 1. Like simple and direct, don't like complex around the head; 2. I like the feeling of rolling; 3. Like to pursue superiority in the game.


And these group characteristics of the players will show up in the community: 1. The pursuit of the most efficient way of the game, a thousand troops a way, so we often see in the game community that the frequency of popular BD discussion is very high, but the diversity is very low; 2. I like to belittle others in the process of discussing BD. many people post ostentatious posts, and many people post small white posts. I hope there is less pragmatic discussion on game mechanism; 3. The proportion of players who pay attention to the goal of the game and ignore the process of the game is very high. In order to pass the customs in PvE and go to the legend of the king in PVP, they are willing to find a studio and Practice on their behalf.

The group characteristics of players will affect the behavior of head players (anchor and studio): anchor and up host prefer to show strong BD, and use super cool game experience and banknote ability to induce ordinary players to look for paid accessories, referred to as "slaughtering pigs"; The big guys are busy slaughtering pigs, and fewer people are willing to do teaching videos. They are busy looking for someone to match them, and fewer people are willing to watch teaching videos. So the level of domestic game video is generally low, most of them are finished after recording a screen. It's conscience to be willing to record two sentences. For example, poe currency, a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the high-yield up masters of civilian BD in each season, is not available in China.


Finally, back to the path of exile this game, you will find that it is completely contrary to the domestic game environment, and can not poke the G-spot of mainstream players. 1. We like to write a book with the complexity of the path of exile; 2. We need a refreshing game experience. The path of exile currency has actually been achieved, but the problem is that you can't do the "extremely cool" of the head player unless you have a liver, but krypton gold system is not available in the game; 3. We have to pursue superiority. The path of exile weakens the PVP. There is no ranking and no martial arts conference. The pleasure of abusing people is seriously lacking.

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